Milan Calibre 9


The bartender checking his J&B stock.


Gastone Moschin with the expression that never leaves his face.


Giuseppe Castellano, in the really cool shades, holds off his hooligan.


Gastone Moschin chats up Barbara Bouchet, his lying, cheating, go-go dancing whore.


Barbara Bouchet adds some water to Gastone Moschin’s J&B.


Barbara Bouchet taking a dance break.


J&B at the bowling alley! Meanwhile, Giuseppe Castellano checks out that chick’s ass.

Verson Jetorix: “Superior crime film from Fernando Di Leo with an excellent performance from Gastone Moschin as an ex-con outwitting the mob for stolen money. Barbara Bouchet is totally hot. With Mario Adorf, Frank Wolff, Luigi Pistilli, Philippe Leroy and J&B up the ying yang.”

Fatal Charm

JnB Fearless Fuzz2

Fancy J&B makes Maurizio Merli scowl.

JnB Fearless Fuzz1

Table bottles of J&B and pretty bartenders make Merli smile.

JnB Fearless Fuzz3

However, sleazy whores who drink Merli’s bedside J&B make Merli just plain mad.

Verson Jetorix: “Finally a decent presentation of this Maurizio Merli/Joan Collins giallo. This is a film that grows on one. This time I was impressed with the Vienna locations and Merli’s talent for light comedy. The soundtrack is Pink Floyd-inspired.”

Emergency Squad


Tomas Milian takes his hat off a J&B bottle before a minute into the movie!


J&B during the opening credits.


A hippy whore and J&B.


They shoulda packed the J&B with the loot.


J&B bottles, ashtray and pitcher. What, no J&B cum towel holder?


Milian with a rather harmless looking sap. The J&B bottle would be more persuasive.


Criminals, hostages and J&B.


The criminal mastermind “Cranium” and J&B. Hostage on the right.

Verson Jetorix: “Cop Tomas Milian tracks down his wife’s killer, Gastone Moschin. Standard post-heist crime thriller that benefits from a low-key Milian and the always interesting Moschin.”