Highway Hitcher

Highway Hitcher

Elizabeth Pena appears confused about which whiskey to serve.

Verson Jetorix: “AKA The Pass. Soon-to-be-divorced William Forsythe takes a road trip to Reno and makes the mistake of picking up psycho killer James Le Gros and sleeping with junkie bar tender Elizabeth Pena. Liked this desert terror with Forsythe and Le Gros playing against type.”


jnb breakdown1

Kurt Russell considers a smash-n-grab.

jnb breakdown2

To settle an argument; it doesn’t really matter if you prefer to keep it to your right or your left, just keep it handy.

Verson Jetorix: “Kurt Russell and Kathleen Quinlan have car trouble in the middle of nowhere, and when Quinlan rides with JT Walsh to the next town, she disappears. Fun desert terror flick with a spectacular, if unbelievable, climax.”