Silent Action

jnb Silent Action1

Luc Merenda eyeballs the multi-shot of J&B as soon as he walks in.

jnb Silent Action2

J&B classes up the joint.

jnb Silent Action3

The bottle every robber dreams of finding.

jnb Silent Action4

Two bottles of J&B classes up even this scary clown joint.

jnb Silent Action5

Now to relax and watch a Maurizio Merli movie.  (Somehow I can never picture Luc Merenda sitting around watching TV.)

jnb Silent Action6

Let’s hope he hasn’t torn the room apart looking for J&B.

Verson Jetorix: “Cop Luc Merenda’s investigation leads him into dangerous political territory. Sergio Martino’s crime film has serious matters on its mind but still manages to entertain.”

The Violent Professionals


Luc Merenda with a bedside J&B.


The judge, the whore and the bedside J&B.


Some J&B before Luc Merenda goes revenjin!


Richard “One-Bone” Conte orders the usual.


Triple shot of J&B and a cute whore to go along with it.


Luc Merenda ordering milk!


Luc Merenda with J&B in hand before some more killing.

Verson Jetorix: “A dark horse in the Italo-crime stakes, this baby came through with flying (in slow motion) colors. Right up there with the best Maurizio Merli or Franco Nero action thrillers.”

A Man Called Magnum


Start this ten minutes before viewing the movie.


How much is that J&B in the window?


Luc Merenda sips a cordial.


Luc Merenda beats up a junkie who has 4 small bottles of J&B on his headboard, and the box they probably came in.


Undercover uhm… cops pose in front of a jug.


J&B art shot.


Ahhhh, my favorite – J&B and a topless doped-up sex slave eurowhore.


J&B entices the mob boss’ frail but she drinks sweet vermouth instead! Dumb bitch. And she dies too.