JnB Laura1

Pistilli pouring blind.

JnB Laura2

A subtle hint that Carroll Baker is going on a binge tonight.

Verson Jetorix: “Carroll Baker, Adolfo Celi, Luigi Pistilli and Femi Benussi with tunes by the De Angeles brothers and directed by Andrea (STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER) Bianchi. There’s enough Euro-ambience, nudity and J&B here to keep this domestic drama about sexual problems interesting.”

My Father’s Wife


Dr. Pistilli prescribes J&B.


J&B family portrait.


Adolfo Celi tries to ply the frigid Carroll Baker with J&B.


Carroll Baker and son-in-law about to partake in a deadly affair.


Nice J&B shot with Carroll Baker sporting one of many terrible hairdos.


Dr. Pistilli self medicating with J&B.

Quiet Place to Kill

Quiet Place to Kill 1

Caroll minding her own business.

Quiet Place to Kill 2

C’mon, let’s gather ’round the J&B!

Quiet Place to Kill 3

Carol Baker drinks a lot of J&B in this movie – For reasons lost to us, she uses a glass.

Quiet Place to Kill 4

J&B with matching telephone.

Quiet Place to Kill 5

Jean Sorel’s choice is clear.

Verson Jetorix: “A prime slice of Euro-Hitchockian fun with a pill-popping, J&B-chugging Carroll Baker and a jailbait-fucking, murderous Jean Sorel. They make a great pair.”



J&B on a silver platter!


One should be careful when placing J&B on the table edge, but Carroll Baker likes to have it handy.


A little moody J&B on the patio. Out of the bottle too.

Verson Jetorix: “Umberto Lenzi’s enjoyably sleazy descent into debauchery still holds up for anyone interested in that Euro-ambience. And J&B. ETC’s cut has lots more nudity than versions watched previously.”