Fatal Charm

JnB Fearless Fuzz2

Fancy J&B makes Maurizio Merli scowl.

JnB Fearless Fuzz1

Table bottles of J&B and pretty bartenders make Merli smile.

JnB Fearless Fuzz3

However, sleazy whores who drink Merli’s bedside J&B make Merli just plain mad.

Verson Jetorix: “Finally a decent presentation of this Maurizio Merli/Joan Collins giallo. This is a film that grows on one. This time I was impressed with the Vienna locations and Merli’s talent for light comedy. The soundtrack is Pink Floyd-inspired.”

The Cynic, the Rat, the Fist


Leonardo Tanzi and four bottles of J&B.


Three bottles of J&B and a poster.


Tanzi kicking ass with a J&B bottle behind him and an ashtray to his right.


Framed J&B.

Cynic JB Stunt

Tanzi uses a fire extinguisher to blow J&B out of a thugs hand.

Verson Jetorix: “Another superb Maurizio Merli crime thriller from the golden age of the Italian cop movie.”