Two Males for Alexa

Obviously, J&B has come between us.

The only thing better than J&B is Rosalba Neri and J&B.

Verson Jetorix: “Wealthy Curd Jurgens marries younger Rosalba Neri, and she then fools around with playboy Juan Luis Galiardo. Jurgens traps the lovers in a bedroom and then kills himself; they have no escape. Juan Logar’s sexy tale of revenge offers the opportunity to enjoy Rosalba’s form, some good Piccioni tunes, and a fatalistic ending.

Big Guns aka Tony Arzenta


Health club J&B. And the backhanding of a hooligan.


Tony Arzenta awaits some revenging with the indispensable Domenico and J&B.


Maybe if they had sipped some J&B, the death warrant these mob bosses signed wouldn’t have been their own.


Sandra eagerly awaits her J&B.


J&B eases the pain after being shot.


Guns and J&B. It’s actually the automatic he’s really happy about, not the Scotch.

Verson Jetorix: “Awesome Alain Delon revenge flick. Grade A French crime.”