Milan Calibre 9


The bartender checking his J&B stock.


Gastone Moschin with the expression that never leaves his face.


Giuseppe Castellano, in the really cool shades, holds off his hooligan.


Gastone Moschin chats up Barbara Bouchet, his lying, cheating, go-go dancing whore.


Barbara Bouchet adds some water to Gastone Moschin’s J&B.


Barbara Bouchet taking a dance break.


J&B at the bowling alley! Meanwhile, Giuseppe Castellano checks out that chick’s ass.

Verson Jetorix: “Superior crime film from Fernando Di Leo with an excellent performance from Gastone Moschin as an ex-con outwitting the mob for stolen money. Barbara Bouchet is totally hot. With Mario Adorf, Frank Wolff, Luigi Pistilli, Philippe Leroy and J&B up the ying yang.”

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