Professor Dowell’s Testament

prof dowell

And I was just wondering if I would ever see J&B in a Russian sci-fi/horror flick from the 1980’s.

Verson Jetorix: “A mad doctor’s disembodied head is kept alive for evil purposes. This Russian sci-fi/horror hybrid has more on its mind, so to speak, than being just another by-the-numbers medical horror. Interesting if not enthralling.”

The Thing


MacReady is about to pour a glass on the rocks to assist his computer chess game.


MacReady pours his J&B into the cheatin’ bitch Chess Wizard.


MacReady dives into the snow, J&B still in hand.


MacReady passes his J&B over to Bennings to comfort him after being shot.


Bennings takes a swig of J&B.


MacReady takes a look to make sure he does indeed have the second most popular scotch in the world.


The MacReady: J&B with a Coors chaser.


MacReady tilts back the best defense against a shape-shifting alien.

Verson Jetorix: “Top 100.  Top 50.”