The Violent Professionals


Luc Merenda with a bedside J&B.


The judge, the whore and the bedside J&B.


Some J&B before Luc Merenda goes revenjin!


Richard “One-Bone” Conte orders the usual.


Triple shot of J&B and a cute whore to go along with it.


Luc Merenda ordering milk!


Luc Merenda with J&B in hand before some more killing.

Verson Jetorix: “A dark horse in the Italo-crime stakes, this baby came through with flying (in slow motion) colors. Right up there with the best Maurizio Merli or Franco Nero action thrillers.”

The Cynic, the Rat, the Fist


Leonardo Tanzi and four bottles of J&B.


Three bottles of J&B and a poster.


Tanzi kicking ass with a J&B bottle behind him and an ashtray to his right.


Framed J&B.

Cynic JB Stunt

Tanzi uses a fire extinguisher to blow J&B out of a thugs hand.

Verson Jetorix: “Another superb Maurizio Merli crime thriller from the golden age of the Italian cop movie.”

Almost Human


Henry Silva’s J&B office bottle. And a weeping Milian.

Verson Jetorix: “I’m not a big fan of Tomas Milian and this Umberto Lenzi misfire didn’t do anything to change that. Especially since he kills off Anita Strindberg and Laura Belli without removing their clothing.”

Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh

JnB Strange Vice of Mrs Ward 1

As good as this looks, there’s actually another bottle of J&B on the floor. Kid you not.

JnB Strange Vice of Mrs Ward 2

And pick up another bottle of J&B, Edwige is coming over.

Verson Jetorix: “There’s something lovable about Sergio Martino’s first giallo. It’s so obvious but it hits all the right notes; music, ambience, technical achievement, star power. It’s definitely one of the top genre entries.”