Silent Action

jnb Silent Action1

Luc Merenda eyeballs the multi-shot of J&B as soon as he walks in.

jnb Silent Action2

J&B classes up the joint.

jnb Silent Action3

The bottle every robber dreams of finding.

jnb Silent Action4

Two bottles of J&B classes up even this scary clown joint.

jnb Silent Action5

Now to relax and watch a Maurizio Merli movie.  (Somehow I can never picture Luc Merenda sitting around watching TV.)

jnb Silent Action6

Let’s hope he hasn’t torn the room apart looking for J&B.

Verson Jetorix: “Cop Luc Merenda’s investigation leads him into dangerous political territory. Sergio Martino’s crime film has serious matters on its mind but still manages to entertain.”

Eaten Alive


A native drinking J&B to get in character for Lenzi’s laughable Deer Hunter scene.


A sleazy Robert Kerman and his only friend, J&B.


Robert Kerman hits his seemingly endless supply of deep jungle J&B.


Robert Kerman tries to comfort Janet Agren after they are attacked by a giant croc.


The natives steal all their supplies except the J&B!