Murder Obsession

Murder Obsession

Nothing like a little J&B to calm an actor down after a rape and strangulation scene.

Verson Jetorix: “Riccardo Freda’s gothic giallo is still good fun. Anita Strindberg looks great and so does Silvia (WAVES OF LUST) Dionisio who spends a good amount of time topless. Lots of atmosphere in which to wallow.”

The Insatiables


She doesn’t manage to divert interest from the J&B for long…

Verson Jetorix: “Murder mystery set in the high-powered, decadent and corrupt business world. Great tunes, lots of nudity, good cast (Robert Hoffman, Dorthy Malone, John Ireland, etc.), and plenty of ambience with LA exteriors and Italian interiors.”

Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion


Despite Salvador Huguet’s insistence that she grab the J&B, Dagmar Lassander lets it pass and is forced to drink Chivas for the rest of the film.

Verson Jetorix: “Dagmar Lassander and Susan Scott make a beautiful pair of peacocks in their high fashion duds. Not the giallo that some disappointed reviewers wanted, this top notch Euro-ambience entertainment is about sexual politics, mysterious motives and washing down loads of tranquilizers with hard liquor. Great Morricone score, fun set design, and outstanding cinematography. Stylish and twisted, this comes highly recommended.”

Five Dolls For An August Moon


A great cast gathers on Mario Bava’s J&B Island.


Everyone hits the J&B pretty hard after they find the first body.


Maurice Poli even drinks from the bottle….


and then washes his hands with J&B!!!!


Ooooooh, Ira von Furstenburg!


Maurice Poli actually drinking from a glass. I don’t think there was water on the island.