One thought on “Ghost Hunters”

  1. Heys, whole lotsa more J&B shots in various Italian movies from 60’s up to late 70’s. I had the very same idea 15 yrs ago… to do a site called “the liquid actor” coz Ive seen so many J&B bottles I really thought someone should do it.

    Check out pane E Chocolatta by F. Brusati. One of the guys commits suicide by drinking J&B w/ pills. Great movie btw. Theres also a few J&B shots in “The house with smiling windows” by Pupi Avati. A good slasher(giallo) btw. Eerie & slow but really original & rewarding. Italians in particular had the thing for J&B Im only guessing for the Justerini (a native italian) who established the whisky company w/ Brooks in the UK back in the day…


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