Four Times That Night


Jesus Christ, Daniela Giordano is hot. Oh, there’s J&B in the next room.


Daniela Giordano fleeing an attempted rape by Brett Halsey.


Daniela Giordano about to pour herself some J&B in a highball glass.


Daniela Giordano and Brett Halsey tipping the bill.


Daniela Giordano’s legs and J&B obscura.


Brett Halsey trying to forcibly introduce Daniela Giordano into the lesbian “scene”.

Verson Jetorix: “A fun and funny sex comedy, RASHOMON-style, left over from Bava’s pop period. Brett Halsey has a cool apartment, there’s J&B up the ying-yang, Daniela Giordano is gorgeous, and the tunes are cool. Bava lets it all hang out in the art club scene that could have been lifted from DIABOLIK.”

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