Assault With A Deadly Weapon


Maurizio Merli and J&B finally!


Ivan Rassimov with some bedside J&B at his junkie whore’s place.

Verson Jetorix: “Perhaps the best Merli cop thriller and the one I would take to a desert island.”

Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key


Anita Strindberg and Luigi Pistilli and some bedside J&B.


With as much J&B they have around the house, some is bound to hit the floor.


Luigi Pistilli and J&B in a high ball glass – by day.


Luigi Pistilli and J&B – by night.


The J&B delivery man! No wonder they have bottles in every room.

Verson Jetorix: “If you fast forward thru the stupid hippie song and the stupid dirt bike racing (both sequences probably total less than 10 minutes of screen time) what you have left is a primo Poe/giallo hybrid dripping with an atmosphere of morbid decadence well worth your time.”

Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh

JnB Strange Vice of Mrs Ward 1

As good as this looks, there’s actually another bottle of J&B on the floor. Kid you not.

JnB Strange Vice of Mrs Ward 2

And pick up another bottle of J&B, Edwige is coming over.

Verson Jetorix: “There’s something lovable about Sergio Martino’s first giallo. It’s so obvious but it hits all the right notes; music, ambience, technical achievement, star power. It’s definitely one of the top genre entries.”