Two Males for Alexa

Obviously, J&B has come between us.

The only thing better than J&B is Rosalba Neri and J&B.

Verson Jetorix: “Wealthy Curd Jurgens marries younger Rosalba Neri, and she then fools around with playboy Juan Luis Galiardo. Jurgens traps the lovers in a bedroom and then kills himself; they have no escape. Juan Logar’s sexy tale of revenge offers the opportunity to enjoy Rosalba’s form, some good Piccioni tunes, and a fatalistic ending.

The Body of My Enemy

Actually, you’re here to do POURLY.

Verson Jetorix: “Jean-Paul Belmondo is out for revenge after being framed for a double murder. Clever and funny slow-burn tale of the rich and powerful meeting their comeuppance. No stunts for Jean-Paul and very little in the way of action, this Henri Verneuil crime number is enjoyable for its script and the undeniable charm of its star.”